Safety, Health &


& Spare Parts

Drug & Alcohol


Safety, Health & Quality

The company’s policy is to continuously promote and provide a safe, healthy, quality conscious and environmentally responsible working environment. Our goal is No Pollution of the Environment and zero accident and injuries.
The company shall remain committed to make all reasonable efforts to ensure:

  • Safety of personnel, property and cargoes through risk-based measures.
  • International, flag state, legal requirements and industry best practices.
  • That safe and healthy working environment for all personnel ashore and onboard and promote safe working practices to prevent and eliminate work related injuries and illness.
  • That safe guards are provided against all identified risks to prevent losses.
  • Continual improvement of Safety, Health, Quality & Environment system including development of skills of all personnel. The company shall encourage education and training for all staff concerning safety of life, prevention of pollution,
  • That emergency procedures and preparedness are in place.
  • High standards of quality, effective and efficient ship management service to our clients and enhance customer satisfaction.
  • That objectives and policies are continuously reviewed to continually improve services.
  • To implement a policy appropriate to the purpose and context of the organization.
  • Conservation and protection of the environment, in compliance with relevant national,

The Company shall make best efforts to ensure that it has suitably qualified staff to accomplish the company objectives and uphold company’s safety management system.  
The company shall follow all mandatory rules and regulations applicable, and require its Masters and employees to follow rules and guidelines as applicable for all national, international, classification society and flag state. 
All company employees would be responsible in their capacity for implementation of company’s safety, health and quality policy and prevent losses of any kind. 
The company management shall monitor and review its Safety, Health and Quality Policy on a regular basis by way of management reviews to ensure its relevance and propose amendments as appropriate for continual improvement and customer satisfaction. 

Environment Protection

The company has a policy to continuously promote a pollution free environment and undertakes Environment Protection as one of the prime priorities.
Conservation and protection of the environment is the responsibility of every individual in the organization. The company is committed to the cause of environmental protection and preservation resources. Company’s objective is NO Pollution of the Environment.
We are committed to delivering our services in a environmentally sound manner always consistent with the applicable laws and regulation governing the scope of business through the following principles:

  • Focus on prevention of pollution, resource conservation and minimizing waste generation as critical within our core management processes
  • Compliance with all applicable national & international laws and regulations, including other industry standards and best management practices which the company subscribes related to the environmental aspects.
  • Regular review of all related activities and performances to verify environmental objectives and quality requirements of customers and interested parties are met.
  • Providing training for staff on a continual basis to ensure understanding, implementation and development of these principles in the sphere of business activity.
  • Developing and maintaining emergency response plans for prevention of pollution from potential known sources, in the sphere of activity.Continual improvement and meet or exceed compliance obligations by working closely with interested parties.

All employees shall follow the requirements and guidelines of the environmental management system in performing their task and duties and will ensure that this policy is supported and maintained.

Maintenance & Spare Parts

The objective of this policy is to protect and maintain the vessel within economical cost and without compromising the safety of vessel and crew, while providing utmost consideration to conservation and protection of marine environment.

The company shall maintain all vessels under its management to highest committed standards including SOLAS, MARPOL, IMO, Classification, International and Flag State Regulation and ISO standards as applicable to the type of vessel. The company shall exercise due diligence in maintaining the vessels in a seaworthy state at all times.

Company shall make all reasonable efforts towards arranging and conduct of statutory surveys to maintain vessel in conformity with the applicable standards. Arrangement and conduct of these statutory surveys would be the responsibility of the Master in consultation with the office.

The Company superintendents shall monitor the vessels condition and progress through systemic planned maintenance system monitoring, regular reporting from vessels and by regular onboard inspections.

All vessels shall have onboard the spares as required by company procedures, including a minimum critical spare parts list.
Critical equipment and systems are identified and a clear schedule of maintenance and testing of these equipment is available. A list of critical spares should be on board the vessel and this would be approved by the office. Vessels shall at all times carry sufficient spare for all CRITICAL equipment.

The company shall within reasonable means procure spare parts only from original manufacturer or their approved vendors.
The Master and chief engineer would be responsible for keeping the office informed about their requirements for spares.

Master and Chief Engineer are responsible to implement companies policy onboard and maintain the vessel in compliance with the required regulations. Master shall be required to immediately report to office any defect that may affect the Safety of personnel, Seaworthiness of the vessel, or endanger Marine Environment.

Drug & Alcohol

The company has a policy to comply with the industry standards on prevention of misuse of drugs and alcohol on board ships. The Company supports the views of ICS and OCIMF on guidelines for control of drugs and alcohol on board ships.

The company prohibits the use, carriage, possession, trafficking or sale of illicit or unprescribed controlled drugs on board, the company shall take a very serious view of any contravention of this policy and would result in immediate dismissal.

No seafarer at any time shall operate any ships equipment or take over watch when under the influence of alcohol and at no time during his stay on board should the seafarer have alcohol impairment.

A blood alcohol content (BAC) of 0.04% or more shall be considered as alcohol impairment.

All crew would have to undergo a pre-joining medical examination, for test against drug and alcohol abuse and only after obtaining satisfactory results would the recruitment be processed. In addition the crew would be subjected to random testing for drugs and alcohol at any time on board the ship.

Master is responsible for the enforcement of the Company’s Drug and Alcohol Policy on board.

Alcoholic beverages issued on board shall be strictly controlled and regulated by the Master. No crew member shall be allowed to bring any alcoholic beverage on board.


The SECURITY POLICY of the Company is aimed at providing a Secure Work Environment on Ship, by establishing and maintaining the security measures needed to prevent unlawful actions that threaten the safety and security of personnel and properties onboard the ships.

The objectives of the Company are to:

  • Implement the security procedures in operation of the ship to safeguard the security of port facilities and relevant wide range regional communities,
  • Establish the protection measures to mitigate the risks against the crew onboard and the personnel of port facilities,
  • Enhance the ability and consciousness of ship and shore personnel of the Company relating to the security,
  • Provide an emergency response measures for the potential security incidents.

The foregoing objectives shall be accomplished by:

  • Ship Security Assessment and Ship Security Plan (SSP) for each individual ship,

  • Comprehensive Training for all personnel of the Company related to security,

  • Positive enhancement of security consciousness by all personnel related to security,

  • Periodic review of security procedures and security plans, and Internal Audit, that should enable a continuous improvement and up-dating of the security plans.

Every personnel of the Company are required to observe the procedural requirements specified in the Ship Security Plan (SSP), and familiarize themselves with the security related duties and necessary measures to safeguard the ship from all unlawful acts. 
The Company shall ensure to give necessary support to the ship to encourage Company Security Officer (CSO), Master of the ship and Ship Security Officer (SSO) to fulfill their duties and responsibilities in accordance with the requirements of Chapter XI-2 of SOLAS 1974 as amended. (ISPS code A/6.2) 
All employees are requested to adhere to the Essential Principles underlying the Company’s Safety Management System & SSP as described above.