Vision and Mission

Our Ship Management activities are driven by achieving and maintaining excellence in Safety and Environmental protection. ​

LAUREL SHIP MANAGEMENT PTE. LTD. closely study the requirements of our clients and align our competencies to their requirements, providing a very transparent, flexible and 24 Hour connectivity for them.

We constantly strive to improve, in order to meet and exceed the highest expectations of our clients. ​

Our defined goals of effective Ship Management and consistent High Quality are supported by our Safety, Crewing, Technical and Quality Assurance services so as to keep the managed vessels at high standards.

What Sets Us Apart

LAUREL SHIP MANAGEMENT PTE. LTD. understand that vessels are very precious and prestigious possessions to our clients and our clients need a very caring, personal and transparent Ship Manager to take care of them.

As Managing our group owned vessels, Clearly understand the requirements of ship owners. “Assets Preservation” is our main motto.

Prepare practical operating budget of managed vessels.

Suitably located in Singapore Provide transparent access to our process.

Strive to always improve & never be complacent

Fleet Vessels

Our strength lies in our team’s experience in Ship Management and the same is substantially proven by our growing fleet list and impeccable performance records. ​

Our technical services includes complete management various type of vessels such as Bulk, PCTC, Logger, Woodchip & Containers and provide Owner’s supervision function for group owned vessels like LPG / Ethylene vessels